Model of Attraction - Outline v.1

This is the current state of the Model of Attraction, an outline. Over the past nine months there has been much research and questioning of the how and why. This outline is an initial structure that will most likely be modified over time and more research and experience. This framework allows for the varying elements that must be in place to help the MoA make sense. The MoA keeps stretching and growing and not really breaking. As a functional model it has been very helpful in developing information structures and explaining the how and why of Web, CMS, personalization, and even mobile development. More on these elements later, but so far I am pleased.

Please comment if you see holes or items that are out of order or do not seem to make sense. What ever you offer will help, I am sure. I am continuing the MoA in an open format to help hone it and let it breathe.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.

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See the MoA first draft (March 24, 2002)
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