February 8, 2003

Microsoft gets an F for security and consumers pay

Security experts give Microsoft an 'F' CNN reports, but some experts are pointing to Apple as being more secure. One of the experts will be switching to Mac as he finds his wife's never gets viruses Mac.

I was supprised when Bank of America embraced Microsoft OS for its ATMs and services. My first thought was that they did not understand security or care about their customer's digital information. When I was changing banks my first consideration was digital security. I seem to have been thinking correctly this time as it seems the Slammer virus hit major company's resources using Microsoft OS and Bank of America had serious problems. As our society moves more toward digital interactions we need a secure framework and Microsoft has never provided that and appears it never will. The regular people who depend on the digital systems are the ones who suffer and the economy takes a huge hit with every Microsoft failure. We really need to stop the reliance on Microsoft now.

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Hmmm, you know, I read about the Bank of America outtage and the slammer worm, but somehow didn't put the two together... I don't talk about this much, but one of the reasons I left Intel was the moral objections I had to our group's promulgation of Microsoft software, which I knew to have serious usability problems, not to mention secuirty flaws. (I worked in the IT department, so Intel's employees were required to use the software we released.) Thanks for the post. I think it might be time to change banks.

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