February 16, 2003

Snowing for real this time

I am about to give up shovelling show. I have been out four times already to shovel. Now it is snowing harder than at any point yet. We woke to about 8 inches of new snow this morning and I have shovelled two or three inches with each new venture out. As you can see the roads are not too clear (this traffic cam is a few fee from our house) and have not been all day. We took the truck out about two hours ago to return movies due back and to pick up some paper products from the grocery store. The roads were not in great shape, people are walking in the road, people had abandoned cars and SUVs in the roadway. It seems that we have 15 to 18 inches of snow already with the heavy snow just beginning and is expected to stay heavy for a few hours. The snow will start to subside tomorrow mid-day the reports are saying.

Good thing we have cornish hens and fixings for dinner tonight.

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I've always joked that people in the DC area start having accidents when the humidity goes above 80% :). So although I have 4WD and spent 20 years in Boston where folks learn how to drive in snow (mostly), I'm staying off the roads!

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