February 27, 2003

Mister Rogers has died

Mister Rogers has died at the age of 74. I learned a lot from his shows and as an adult would watch the shows when I was home sick. He taught kids (and adults) not only about the world around them, but how to care for others.

I have known folks who knew him personally and said he was just the same in real life as he is on the show. This is one of the best role models for kids that has ever been on television and it is wonderful to know he is just as nice and caring off the camera.

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CNN has a great story on the passing of Mister Rogers and a repository of more resources.

Mr.Rogers just wasnt a guy or a precher he was a friend to everyone i know. Even tho they didnt know him in person they knew him from the tv and that was good enoght and thats all i want to say right now.

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