March 16, 2003

MySQL becoming a viable choice for corporations

Fortune's David Kirkpatrick discusses MySQL Database being very popular on the Web and it is free. This is not a suprise to many of us as I thought I was the last to use MySQL in 2000 for a professional project. I quickly found that the combination of MySQL with PHP on a Sun Solaris U10 could provide 70k to 90k page builds per hour. That was nearly static rates when compared to a Windows box. One of the nice things we found was MySQL was not only lightening fast, but very well suited for Web development and driving content dynamically. MySQL is the type of database the MS Access could have been. MySQL is what is behind this site and works wonderfully. The database does not currently have transactions, which is not needed for most of the work where it is used.

I was very happy to learn MySQL is profitable. It was very odd that somebody in the article brought up all the money that is being left on the table for MySQL. The CEO of MySQL gave a fitting responce in asking what the other companies were doing with the money they charged. I was pleased as punch that MySQL is at home on every Mac running OS X.

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