August 16, 2003

Updates from home

Things are finally calming down after our vacation and adventure. We have mostly unpacked from the trip, but are just starting laundry. I am just finishing digging through a huge pile of e-mail (well over 600) and flagging those I need to get back to, which should come in the next week or so.

We were able to get Joy to an orthopedist on Thursday and she is now in a removable support boot to hold the foot in place and allows for walking. She will be able to take the boot off for showers and swimming, as long as she does not push off with the foot with the fracture. Today she shed the crutches, but will be in the boot or another support device for six weeks or so, yes that means she will be out of the devices (if all goes well) one or two weeks prior to the delivery date. Joy is lucky in that the fracture did not require a cast or surgery, which could have been an option.

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