April 1, 2004

Pardon the pauses

Yes, things have been slow in the main content section of Off the Top, as time has been usurped by a (now) six month old. By the time we get Will to bed and I get dinner cooked and cleaned up it is 8:30 and I am just sitting down to get to e-mail, then 145 (or so) RSS feeds, and finally crafting a note for OtT. I have been finding the Quick Links to be easier for me to dump items in for me to come back to later. I have also received thanks for the Quick Links RSS feed, as others can also get easier access to the links. My plan has been to flesh out comments for the Quick Links at later dates, but that time has not been made available.

Time will be a little shorter this month as I am trying to knock out some longer writing pieces and prepare for a speaking gig on accessibility.

I used to watch time fly by in minute and hour increments, now it flies by in days and weeks.

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When the physicists solve that unified-theory thing, the time-speeding-up-as-one-gets-older quandary will be part of it.

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