May 19, 2004

Explaining Quiet

Things have been a little busier than normal so far this month. Having folks in town, speaking at STC's 51st Annual Conference in Baltimore, reviews at work, expanding the team at work, Will changing his bedtime for later (crawling everywhere), and having a car nearing the end of its lease have had more of an impact on my time that I thought they would. I do try, well have to post my Quick Links as that is how I get back to reading the content I have been finding in my hour at night or half hour of reading in the morning. I guess it is also a way for the readers to catch snippets of interest.

I am going to be burying in writing this weekend to get some promised assignments out of outline format and into a longer format. I have two that are really pressing, so it will be coffee and quiet with me and my laptop this weekend.

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