May 19, 2004

The Car is Gone, Long Live the Car

As mentioned previously I have been nearing the end of the lease on my car. I had wanted to keep the car as I really have enjoyed the car over the past three years plus. It brought me back from Pittsburgh with Joy after September 11, 2001. It was a great car for road trips with Joy. It was a blast to drive and was amazingly engineered and designed. The one downside was it was not great on family outings as there was little back seat leg room and it did not have a great trunk for more than two people on a trip.

I had hoped for the next size up in the same car line, but the U.S. exchange rate had foiled that attempt, or so I thought. Things had been so bad on the exact model I was looking at they had insane lease deals, as is the current practice for nearly every non-U.S. car right now (particularly European cars). Well I have ended up with exactly the car I had hoped for what seems to be a reasonable price.

Best of all it has XM Radio, which is flat out amazing. The quality of the broadcast is crystal clear and wonderfully matched to the sound system. It has local (to Washington, DC and many other major metropolitan area) traffic and driving on 24 hours a day and up to the minute. I have been like a kid in the candy store with all the listening options. I now have NPR, local news, and XM Radio as options on the radio dial. I wish KFOG was one of the options as I miss the music and DJs, but the options are great. The one thing it truly needs is heads-up display as looking down to the radio to read is just not safe.

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