September 15, 2004

Breaking News Alert?

I subscribe to the CNN e-mail breaking news alert, mostly because of the times we are in and where I live. Every few days (it can go a week or two) I will get an alert about a disaster, a death of an important figure, violent weather, natural disasters, etc. I have these go directly to my mobile device as it is always with me. Today's breaking news did not need to be that important in the scope of everything going on. Martha choses to go to jail is not worthy of breaking new alert.

This was the third or fourth Martha disaster alert in the past six to nine months. Get over it, she is not worthy of the breaking news alert. Neither is Kobe Bryant showing up in court, nor what ever is going on with Michael Jackson. News that the U.S. funds for reconstructing Iraq are being diverted for security is much larger news. There have been many more life changing stories that have deeper and broader impact.

Is there a former editor of Vanity Fair choosing the breaking news alerts at CNN?

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