November 25, 2004

Treo Trio

This morning there were four of us standing chatting waiting for our grocery order. Three of us had a California connection and were talking about that as we stood there. A variant of the default Treo phone ring was heard. Three of us did a tap on our phones. After the gentleman finished his call the tree of us all showed our Treos. It was the three of us that were from California that had the Treos. We had just been talking about quality of life issues with work and leisure. This triggered a thought, could it be the Treo is the quality of life mobile super phone and the Blackberry is the work tether? These are be two dominant super phones that I see regularly.

Yes, I do have a default Treo ringtone for one of my settings. It is one of my dialer unknown settings, or something along those lines. Oh, and the 4th phone was a Palm variant too, a Samsung, I think.

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