January 17, 2005

Update from these parts

An hour ago I went out to pick up dinner (I did not make it grocery shopping today) and we were having snow flurries. This is the first of the season (usually they start in mid-December) as we have been experiencing Spring weather the past few weeks. Now it seems the flurries have stopped and it is just cold. I have been enjoying the Spring weather, but it has made me miss the Bay Area (soon enough, I tell myself) and I have not been missing the cold and snow as much as I thought.

Yes, it has been quite here, that will pass soon enough. We are buried in stuff and trying to get personal projects and presentations done, on top of regular work and some other things we have going on.

I am going to start pulling together some of the e-mail responses I have been sending out so that it will move things along on the e-mail front. Real e-mail and 1,000 spam e-mail a day have also slowed things down. I have a couple e-mails to get to tomorrow, but other than that I believe I am finally caught up.

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