May 21, 2005

Treo 600 Crashing Again

Beginning in the Fall my Treo 600 would crash. It was at its worst in late January and early February. Today the hard crashes started again. I have learned not to put the phone in sleep mode while the browser is on. This seems to be one of the triggers when the phone rings. The other is phone calls when Snapfish (mail program) goes out to grab mail (every 30 minutes). The biggest hassle is it is a hard crash, which means everything is wiped from the device and I have to reinstall from backup.

Both instances seem to be related to the Palm device no being mutli-threaded. None-the-less it is rediculous that in 2005 we have a phone (not the bottom of the line mind you) that flat out crashes. It crashes when people call and crashes while you are on it. While in San Francisco in January not only did my phone crash, but my friend I was talking with, his phone crashed while we were talking to each other.

Can somebody tell me if the Treo 650 has the same problem? I know it can not multi-task, so it has a strong chance of failing me just the same. I talked to a few folks with the 650 this past weekend and none of them had the crashing problems. This could also be my opportunity to switch to Nokia, but the phones I am interested from Nokia are not available in the US from the carriers.

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