November 10, 2005

Berlin is Good

I am quite enjoying Berlin. The fog burned off about noon, but the weather was still chilly. Me, I am still in a gentle fog from the over-night flight. The S-Bahn and U-Bahn metro system was rather easy to figure out and it reminded me of a cross between the London Underground and Boston's T. The accommodations are good, but the WiFi is very flakey.

I did not follow my normal instincts and stay away from the crowd gathering and a ton of police (Polizei). Standing on a street corner with many Polizei wagons and many motorcycle with lights going, I waited. The waiting brought a large motorcade with the President of China driving past. Well, I really was waiting so I could walk down and see the east side of the Brandenburg Gate, which I did.

On my way out to the airport I managed to take a slight jog going back home. On Monday when I return I am heading directly up to Cambridge, Mass. to the Symposium on Social Architecture, sponsored by Berkman Center for Internet & Society at the Harvard Law School. This looks to be a great event and should be a great follow-up to Design Engaged.

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