January 12, 2006

What a Day

This has turned into "One of Those Days". It is the third day in a row that my son has been home sick. Which, means the mornings I am watching him and entertaining him, while trying to get work done. By noon the reinforcements have arrived and all is good. But, three days in a row makes it a real strain, particularly with all the things I am balancing these days.

Today after I settle into full focus on work, e-mail goes out for the next three hours. It is the fourth outage in five days. Yes, there are other forms of communication, but not keeping the flow of conversation like e-mail. Needless to say I spent this evening searching for new hosting and responding with people who have given wonderful recommendations that are a vast improvement. Yes, I will share where I end up once I get there and why I made my decision.

Lastly, my Photoshop order finally arrived still stemming from my wonderful support phone call with them. Well, I have now had another call with them as the version they sent prior was for Mac, as needed, but was not what was needed for a cross-platform upgrade (it has to be a full new version and not an upgrade). The last version sent I was told to junk as it was made invalid and that is a lot of packaging and product to throw out. The full version arrived today and it was a bright spot. It was until what I loaded was a French version. I am now wondering if there is anybody competent in shipping at Adobe. It is now three weeks, with two very promptly answered and courteous phone calls, but this is ridiculous.

I am spending a large amount of time the last couple weeks with really poor customer service. How inefficient have things become? How productive could we be if things worked?

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