July 15, 2006

Preparing for Web Visions and Other Stuff

Things have been quiet around here as I have been working on my 'Tagging in the Real Web World' presentation for WebVisions in Portland, Oregon (you are going aren't you?), bring on some new clients at InfoCloud Solutions, and working on longer (okay, my normal length) pieces for Personal InfoCloud and some other places that flesh out single slides from recent, and not so recent presentations.

The Tagging in the Real Web World is a new presentation, it has a handful of slides from recent folksonomy presentations that helped the tagging light bulb click. I am not fully focussing on folksonomy, but looking at tagging services and tagging that is being included in other web services.

In September, I will be doing a deeper dive into Understanding Folksonomy at d.Construct in Brighton, England. More on this a little later, but you should note tickets go on sale (they sold out in 30 minutes last year) Tuesday, July 18th at 10am (GMT).

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