November 5, 2001

The stability of the MS ME operating system is horrid (operating seems to be an oxymoron). There were three crashes Satufday, which was largely a day of errands and Joy and I entertaining 5 year old twin nephews (more on that later). Sunday there were five crashes, which were quasi detrimental as they were happening during a site integration of an updated Dreamweaver template. Trying to finish what should be two to three hours more work on a small project with an unstable OS is not my idea of fun. This may mean that I am forced to move up to XP. I have thought about Windows 2000, but there are more drivers available for XP. I will have to move the scanner and fax software to Joy's computer from this point forward, if and when I make the move. The move will probably require getting a new hard drive so to start clean and still maintain my files. I have back-ups of the most important items, but not all 25GB. A new hard drive and a full version of XP should allow me a nice clean slate to start on, which should be less problematic. I really don't like a computer making me less productive.

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