April 25, 2020

Still Going

I keep thinking I’m going to get back in the habit of writing here regularly, but something eats the time and attention I think I have set aside for writing (be it daily or every few days - daily is better for me as it sets a habit in place for me better then in a non-daily cadence).

Personal Update

I’m alive and well, which is good in these times. It is something people keep asking and I’ve rather sucked at responding to many direct queries, mostly because of time and attention / focus. My health is good (knock wood). Work is going and quite busy and bordering on hectic with many projects running concurrently and too many needed tabs open all with the same favicon (really people, this shouldn’t be a thing still in 2020, it should have been fixed in the early 2000s and was fixed and long past time to go back to that).

Other Updates

I’m back using an RSS reader somewhat regularly now that NetNewswire is a re-built from scratch thing again. One of the things I’m back really enjoying are the weekly updates from people I know (and miss conversations with). Finding what they are reading, working on, thinking about, eating, watching, etc. is something that quite often surfaces things I may have interest in. One of the things I’m continually lacking of late is good conversations that can go deep on many of the subjects I’m digging in and around. Between podcasts and personal blogs (quite often it is the weekly update) these sort of suffice or have become one-sided (as far as the party at the other end is concerned) conversations.

Web Mentions

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