January 9, 2002

Today I was reminded why I left Interland for Web hosting. I moved off their servers in September to PHP Web Hosting. I was paying 40 dollars for poor uptime (down a couple hours a week), poor service, poor admin privileges, and horrible e-mail hosting (constantly getting others e-mail on the same mail server). A quarter of that price now gets me nearly 100 percent uptime, solid admin rights, great service (although most is done electronically, but that is perfect for me), and perfect e-mail hosting. Not only do I get these benefits I get a database access, double the storage, double the traffic, and very few headaches.

Today after stating and restating to Interland in October I would not be renewing my contract when it came due, they billed my credit card directly with a huge increase for services. They did not ask to verify a 20 percent increase in charges, nor contact me to get approval to rebill my card.

If your money and your time are not valuable to you choose Interland for Web hosting. If they are valuable to you there are many other options.

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