March 29, 2002

Peep Surgery

Peep surgery is a gorey insight into the surgical separation of quadruplet Peeps. This site also provides a lot of insightful Peep research. [hat tip Cory via Boingboing]

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Now moved to Peep Research!

I was amazed at the trama that these little peeps go through just to live a normal life.. very couragous have a happy life little peeps

As a nursing student, I felt for the courageous peeps undergoing such an ordeal just to enjoy the individual freedoms we all take for granted! I wish them well in their recovery and hope they don't suffer from body image alterations. If they do I hope they are aware of the many support groups available to them.Keep on peeping and remember April is a dangerous time for the peep species-so be careful! travel in packs.

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