April 18, 2002

Things around here have been insanely hot. Our apartment was above 85 degrees all night. Joy could not take it any longer and drove to work at 3:30 to get a/c (she counted 27 stop lights from home to work and only 9 minutes of driving with nearly all of them flashing yellow). I got up for a while, but finally the need for sleep dug in.

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I knew there was a reason I bought a house where I control when the A/C gets turned on. Marc and I switched it on Sunday...

I hear you, Tom. Our condo building doesn't turn on the A/C until May 15. Last year they couldn't even do it by then.

The a/c was on when we got home this evening. We closed the windows and are trying to enjoy the futility of the exercise as the temperature is going to be below normal in a day or two. It turns out the new a/c compressor the building added at the end of last summer, didn't start-up so they sent for the repairman from Minnesota. (Go figure an a/c repairman in Minnesota).

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