June 17, 2002

Morons drive

It is all about perspective, I was driving Joy's truck to and from work last week rather than my car. I could see quite a bit farther down the road than in my car. I continually wonder what causes traffic delays. Now I have a better idea. It seems like it is somewhat normal to make a left hand turn from the right lane across three lanes of rush hour traffic (two times in five days), stopping at a corner on the right to let out a passenger, which blocks the left lane and the right lane is turning right leaving no lanes to drive forward then turning right onto the quiet street (seven times in five days), a bus stopping in traffic because somebody is parked in the bus only zone (five times in five days), or having an FBI investigation truck blocking one lane after somebody stole an armoured car and promtly ran it into a tree (once in five days). I am still not sure ignorance is bliss, but I do know there are some f-ing morons driving that are insanely self-absorbed.

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