August 15, 2002

Close call

The vacation was nearly much tougher. Last Thursday I was walking to get my morning coffee and as I went to cross a street walking down Woodmont a Beemer wizzed around the corner and I stepped out carefully making sure the car behind him was going to stop and let me cross. The car stopped and as I got in front of it I heard loud screaching of brakes, a thud and plastic shatter just as I felt a strong rush of air push across the hair on my legs. I looked down and saw the bumper as it was beginning to tease the hair on my left leg and I jumped back. The car kept coming for another foot or so. The air I felt on my leg was the air from the trunk of the Acrua as a large delivery truck collapsed it. It is a nasty corner for pedestians where I make my turn on mornings I drive into work. The strangest thing about the whole incident was I did not get the shakes or any adrenaline rush. Yes, I waited for the police woman to arrive and be a witness.

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