September 10, 2002

Home update

Well, we now have a slightly less finished basement. I started pulling panelling off the walls and found, as expected much mold and mildew festering. I also found the main water valve, which I am not sure how it is staying together as it is completely corroded copper and rusted joiners. I pulled the drop ceiling tiles to find more "copper pipe", which seems only to be there to hold the patches in place. I also found our many waste water cast iron pipe with is nothing but deep rust at the bottom elbow. One debate is on the piping and when to replace it, the second is on whether to pull the framing, which has been holding the panelling in place. Some of the framing has signs of beginning to rot and it has mold and mildew growth in spots too. On a better note the walls upstairs are looking much better as the painters have finished patching and pulling nearly 50 two foot square mirrors off the walls (want to buy a bunch of 50 two foot square mirrors in great shape?). The boxwoods out front are finally taking shape too. Whew.

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