September 11, 2002

Home adventures again

We now know some of the secrets of the house as the walls speak. One element of the wall squeeked at one point, yes a mouse. It had long expired and there was not much left. Our moisture problems in the basement seem to be attributed to a corroded main water line shutoff valve, a leaking basement window, a formerly major leak from the main waste water pipe, and other minor pinhole leaks. Now we need to get a professional to look at the pipes again. We should be done pulling out the basement tomorrow night. The painters are doing an incredible job as the house looks much better. There had only been one or two coats of paint in the 51 years of the houses existance. Where there had been wallpaper it was still all original.

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is this where I point out.......

Point out what, the yard everybody in Bethesda, Maryland knows is going ot be a lot to upkeep? Or more secrets are in the walls?

piffle! I know I put a URL into that. No idea where it went! [nudge, nugde]

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