September 21, 2002

MLB Internet failure

Major League Baseball's online game audio has been a failure this year for me. My favorite team is the Giants. In years past I have been able to listen to games off the Internet. I paid my money this year to do the same and in June I stopped having the ability to listen to games. After four e-mail attempts from the MLB form I have not heard one responce as to why MLB would take my money and not have brains to fix the problem or to even have customer service respond to the e-mail. I finally can see my account online, but it does not show I paid for the full season, or any part of it. MLB seems to be incompetent at getting it right. I am one very angry fan that still loves my team, but can not stand the incompetence or poor communication skill MLB has shown this season. Since MLB took over all the teams sites the service and quality has gone down dramatically. If you consider paying next year, look at other options as the MLB Internet option may just steal your money.

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