September 22, 2002

Apple security

Just in case you thought Microsoft was more secure than Apple...

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Yes, but is it rock solid? I use both WinME Win2000Pro and OSX... I can't say I have had any problems with any of these... Windows OR MacOS. As for security, I believe good security is only as good as the system's user... show ignorance and you open the door to a world of hacks. - Nick

Nick, I read Jeffery's woes, but I can say I have had none of them. I am loving every minute of my Mac experience. I agree that security is only as good as the user, but holes that the user can not close is another issue, that is why I have been so much more happy with my Mac than any PC. When I upgraded to Windows XP from ME I had to buy some new hardware, my wonderful video card for games was not going to work on the XP and ATI stated they would not make it so. I lost nearly all functionality of my scanner and my inkjet (these were not Mac compatible either, the scanner never was and the inkjet was under Mac OS 9). I have never really ventured into the OS 9 realm that Jeffery loves and has served him rather well, when issues like Jeffery has gone through happen is just sucks.

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