October 1, 2002

Dial-up woes

Okay, I know I am not the "normal user", but I really do not understand how millions to billions of people prefer dial-up over broadband. I have been struggling with a shared line with the main house phone and dial-up for only two days and it is a huge struggle. The images on CNN take forever to load, particularly the ads, which slowdown even the text from appearing. I really don't understand how this is tollerable. It must be me. I want my DSL, too bad the local telco (Verizon) is so slow in connecting 3rd party DSL providers (like DirectTV DSL) that have much better service and customer service.

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It's the cost factor. When you've got one cable company per county and they want 50 dollars a month for net services, you aren't going to get many sign-ups. Now, if only they'd lower the prices to the same level as in Canada - where it runs an average of $35 . . .

Covad, one of the early service providers that is still around seems to be offering DSL for under $30.

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