October 18, 2002

Drug use or Miss use

Yes, I broke down a couple months ago and finally saw an allergist again and started shots. I had spent a whole six months on perscription antihistamines and was not able to drop them like most summers when it get humid. I am now down to once a week, but I also have a plethora of other perscriptions. I had a huge headache today, in part due to sinus or allergies. I have been using a nasal spray only for bad days where I really need a clean out. I never remember what it is called, but I was out of the sample and went to my bag of official drugs for me and dug in. I pulled out what I thought could be it be it had a name, patanol, which sounds like a feminine monthly pain releaver. Maybe the allergies were not from plants, molds, or other usual suspects but gender? I read closer and remembered this is for allergy medicine for my eyes. Nothing like I was expecting. I dug in the bag again and found the horrible tasting nasal spray, apply it and wait for relief.

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