Off the Top: Hoyas Entries

April 26, 2003

Tantek on handrolling weblogs and hand built CMS

Tantek discusses Jeffrey Zeldman handrolling his own RSS feeds (as well as his own site). Tantek also discusses those who still handroll their own weblogs as well as those that have built their own CMS to run their blogs. This was good to see that there are many other that still build their own and handroll (I stopped handrolling October 2001 when I implimented my own CMS that took advantage of a travel CMS I had built for myself).

March 2, 2002

It finally caught up, allergies and being worn down have had me largely flat on my back today. The usual errands were not a joy and the Hoya's last game this season (it was sad too to say good bye for a few months to those in the seats around us, but I did snag a free t-shirt). I have been trying to rest up for tomorrow and get better for the week and SXSW, which is followed by ASIS.

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