February 2, 2003

Tweaking the presentation layer for links

We are still doing some tweaking related to the recent redesign. This latest change includes the underlining of links. The style sheet now treats the distinct content area separately. The links page does not have any underlining on the links as the page is all links and the underlining tends to interfere with the user's scanning of the links and therefore the lack of underlining eases this pages use. The hover is identical for all the links through out the site, the hover provides an orange hue to tie the colors of the site together. The right content frame does not have any links either as the combination of the light orange background and the blue link has a little reading difficulty, but with the underlining there was strong reading hinderance. The links through the rest of the site are all underlined to ease the user's ability to discern that the links can be clicked. The links under the Off the Top remain grey with underlining with orange hover.

Let me know how these work for you.

Posted Comments

Just testing the updated comment tool.

The comments are now on the same page as the permanent entry. This removes the pop-up window that was being used for comments. This cuts out a page to develop, but better yet all the comments now can be collected by Google

> The links under the Off the Top remain grey with underlining with orange hover
the underlining is (unexpectedly) lost in the hover state

I have been intentionally leaving the underline off the hover action. In user testing (not on this site but many many others), I found leaving the underline off the hover allowed the user to resolve any underlining interferece with text (for example with with lower extention characters such as q and g). I have had pretty good success with the none-underlining hover over the past three years. If you think it is helpful I would be interested in hearing other views.

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