October 1, 2004

Cyber Hole

One element of Homeland Security that gets little coverage, but could be be one area that is the most vulnerable is the cyber front. It does not bode well when the U.S. Cyberterrorism Czar resigns. This makes at least three in three years, not to count those that have had the job offered and turned down. The word on the ground is one of the nation's greatest vulnerabilities is also tied to one of the party in the White House's largest donors. Every Czar left out of frustration. This one gave less than one day's notice. Amit was also considered by most of the industry to be a very influential person and to listen to what industry needed to provide a safe digital environment in the U.S.

Is it most important to protect donors to your political party or to protect America and its infrastructure? My job is reliant on a safe infrastructure. If you are reading this you are using the infrastructure.

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