October 7, 2004

Quick Links are Now Pulled from del.icio.us

We did a little house keeping today. We have been using our del.icio.us link tool as a replacement for the Quick Links. Today the Quick Links are pulled from del.icio.us. We found that as we came across helpful links through out the day del.icio.us made it easy to add links and information. The del.icio.us tool also has made it easy to find similar information.

We extracted the vanderwal del.icio.us links from del.icio.us using their del.icio.us API and formated the information in a very similar manner to what was displayed in the Quick Links previously in the side bar. The del.icio.us Web Service is wonderful to work with and made this task possible.

We are hoping that over the weekend we will put up a page of all the previous Quick Links. We have it in our plans to add all the entries on this site into del.icio.us directly using this site's categories. The del.icio.us flat category structure is similar what we built here in 2001. The categories between this site and what we keep at del.icio.us do not synch so we do not have the categories from del.icio.us stored here. There is always something more to do.

We are also considering moving the quick links out of the side bar and place them in the main content area in a grouping. This will take some thinking. If you have ideas on this front please contact us.

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