August 30, 2005

Barcamp UK

It looks like the UK has caught barcamp fever in the manifestation of barcamp UK. This is utterly brilliant how this is spreading.

I have a small design gathering I went to last year in Amsterdam and will be attending again this year in Berlin. Last year's utterly wrecked me in a wonderful way. All of the work and playing with ideas and solutions to problems that were manifesting on the web were echoed by others and it was a great experience that gave me more energy to pursue my Model of Attraction and Personal InfoCloud work of designing across platforms and devices for people to use and reuse information more easily. One of the areas that has been problematic is the integrating desktop broadband and mobile use of the same services and information/media. Many people have been finding the Personal InfoCloud a good framework to think and design for this reality and one of the areas where this is really of interest of late is Europe (hence, my three trips there and four conferences where I will be presenting).

Best of luck to Suw as she leads the way. Go help her as you will be quite glad you did.

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