November 2, 2001

Today was one of those days where things are looking gloomy and I was waiting for feedback on a piece of a project before moving forward. So lunch today took me to the Mall for a cheap tourist shack sandwich then to the National Gallery of Art. The Galleries are a wonderful way to problem solve and transform into a world of the portrayal of light and colors. There are two exhibits that I took in on this slow November day, the Aelbert Cuyp and Virtue and Beauty: Leonardo's Ginevra de' Benci and Renaissance Portraits of Women. The renaissance portraits was a well done exhibit, which I went through in reverse order, with the juxtapositioning of Italian and Northern Renaissance works next to each other. The differennces in color, textures, and light was very evident. The Cuyp exhibit was wonderful, but then again I really like Early Norther Renaissance artists. The detail, lighting, and stories are breath taking. I also stopped in to see the Monet room, which houses The Houses of Parliament at Sunset a favorite, now one of many in this room. As time passes I become more and more intrigued with impressionism and particularly Monet. The light and blurred vision, unless your are across the gallery, the strokes, the lack of detial yet catching all the nuance. It was a good break and greatly refreshed my spirit and mind.

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