June 3, 2002

PowerPoint War

A PowerPoint battle has been put forth between Michael Sippey and Leslie Harpold. The rules have been laid down and there is more info available. If you do not have a method of viewing PowerPoint you are missing out on the greatest tool of mediocrity. I love what I do because of my distance from PowerPoint on a daily basis. Anyhow, this should be great.

Posted Comments

The link to the Economist article seems to be broken. Could you fix it? I'd like to check it out. This PowerPoint battle looks pretty kooky.

Arg, sorry about that. The Economist article was a remnant of an e-mail discussion I was having. I don't know which article it was pointing to, but there are a couple articles of interest in this week edition, Tech and government intermingled or FBI rebuilding, but neither had to do with a PowerPoint Battle (at least not that the stories mentioned).

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