June 14, 2002

Smart Media reader for OS X

I finally have a good USB Smart Media reader that works with Mac OS X, the Imation FlashGO does the job and gives the option for other media and is rather compact, which means it is a perfect for the TiBook. Now that I have an easy way to get photos into the TiBook it is time to switch PhotoShop from Windows to Mac. (My previous reader, ZIO, would only function properly on Mac OS9. They had an OS X driver but it never worked. It had worse problems on Windows XP for a while, as it would shut the system down when the USB device was being plugged in. It took two driver updates to fix that.

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do you have microtech zio¥s drivers for xp? could you send it? I¥d really apreciate that. Thanks Jose

I need the same driver as Jose asked for above - Microtech Zio for XP. Your assistance would be very much appreciated.

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