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July 27, 2006

WebVisons and MIT TechReview

Back from WebVisions

I am back from WebVisions in Portland, Oregon (the most enjoyable city in the U.S. for me) where I presented on Tagging in the Real Web World (my slides will be available at the end of this week). I loved WebVisions again as it is a great developer/designer to developer/designer conference with people sharing methods and frameworks with others to raise the level of everybody. It is a wonderful open sharing conference in the spirit of SXSW Interactive on a little more manageable scale.

MIT Technology Review Mentions Personal InfoCloud

I came back to a really nice mention in the MIT Technology Review article by Wade Roush on The Internet Is Your Next Hard Drive, which points to the Personal InfoCloud as its framing idea. I am increasingly seeing people wanting to store and have access to information across devices and services (or control their own destiny, as Gina Tripiani wants). It is about personal choice where and how their data, information, and media is stored. We are wanting continual access to the information, but may not want or have continual access to the internet or may not want it stored on us. Wade's article brings up some interesting options for those that want some or all of their storage on-line. It is time to dig into these options and see how close they get from a Personal InfoCloud perspective and personal aggregation, when we want and need the information at our finger tips (you know, the technical nirvana we have always dreamed and talked about).

December 11, 2005

Folksonomy in New York Times Magazine Year in Ideas

Today folksonomy gets more press and we have another post for our press coverage page. Go see the snippet Folksonomy in New York Times Magazine "Year in Ideas".

I need to write-up the folksonomy presentation at Online Information Conference in London as it pulls together the vital uses of folksonomy in organizations to help curb the costs and inefficiencies in taxonomies by using filling in the taxonomy with more emergent, broad, and exhaustive structure. This write-up will be posted over at the Personal InfoCloud folksonomy page.

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